2010 Film Roll - Minolta Srt 101

2010 Summer. The location in Turkey where I used to go every summer since I was born.

I remember the summer I started smoking, was already graduated from the university and my parents were having a huge fight.

I wish I were there now, sitting on the benches next to the sea and watching stars till morning, getting chilled because of the wind… Perhaps at 4 am I would return home and hearing my grandad snoring and in the mornings, my grandmom putting my blanket on and preparing my favorite omelet for breakfast. Most probably I would hug my grandparents and told them how much I love them.

2008 Film Roll - Minolta SR-T 101

My camera roll continues with the trips I had done in Turkey during the year 2008. I am amazed by the fact that I was keeping that heavy camera with me anytime and so strange that I was not feeling any distraction at all.  I was more probably enjoying the being in time back then. E.g the time when you were ‘Out of mobile devices’.

And I appreciate now how my friends were comfortable back then when I wanted to capture them.

Besides, never had friends asking me to show the pictures after all, which is the opposite now; ‘let me see…wait.’

How chilled we were.

It has been almost ten years, and yet still I think that I was better at capturing the moment than now.

Moreover, at that time there was no one calling you hipster just because you were carrying a vintage camera.

2007 Film Roll - Minolta SR-T 101

SR-T 101 is my first analog camera. I started shooting in 2007; I guess it was the time when I took my first photography class. The photographs are from the summer of 2007 mostly the time when I changed my department Interior Architecture to Communication and Design.  

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